Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Runescape Accounts Free Daily Giveaway Signup

We created our blog to help manage our runescape giveaways and make it easy as possible for our subscribers to register. Were a legit blog who get donations from old runescape players who no longer play or sell us there account.

 All the Winners will receive account as prize, no download needed. daily raffles. Entrants will be entered into a hat and we will draw a name out of the hat. Winner will get a high level Runescape account! always accounts left in our database that will be given away. Many chances to win!

We ask everyone who were lucky enough to get one of our Runescape accounts to either post a comment or make a video about it. Remember, the exclusive Runescape account giveaways will be posted on this blog so be sure to follow (subscribe) and signup to this blog! Thank you all for reading and your continued support

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