Runescape Combat Pure

 Runescape Combat Pure Account

The runescape combat pure account is that which focuses on battle centered skills, to get a good strong damage dealer. The main purpose of a combat pure character is to get strong enough to start in (PVP)players versus players combat, and turn into a PKer (player killer) or simply PvPer.

There are 4  builds for a main Runescape combat pure char: warriors (melee), archers (range), magicians (magic/runes), and hybrids.

The majority of Runescape combat pure accounts are warriors, because not only can do they do a lot of damage, but they are able to tank a lot as well. They are very expensive since not only do you need to spend money on powerful weapons, but you need to purchase expensive armor.

The very next most common Runescape combat pures are archers. Archers use ranged longbow-sand crossbows that deal heavy damage from a longer range. The main purpose of an archer is to kill the target from far away distance before it can reach you. This is because Archers are very weak and easily out damaged in melee fighting. In addition, because archers are pretty much dead if thetarget can get in melee range, archers spend the majority of their money on expensive bows rather than armor.

Starting a melee Guide

Step 1: Training your Magic Skills

By any chance if you have money, then you should start by getting 55 Magic. High Alchemy (Level 55) is the level that allows for the cheapest and easiest way to get to the Magic levels up that really matter for PKing battle. You will notice that when you are pure and if you train Magic, you should not use combat Magic spells, because they give HP that you don't really need. You get HP from melee training. Here is the order and the number of spells you have to cast, from level 1 to level 55 Magic:

    Cast 32 Wind Strikes
    Cast 92 Confuses
    Cast 125 Weaken Spells
    Cast 134 Curse Spells
    Cast 201 Varrock Teleports
    Cast 310 Lumbridge Teleports
    Cast 726 Falador Teleports
    Cast 1,896 Camelot Teleport

If you have no money, you should at least get 45 Magic to start for the teleport to Camelot. You can do this for low cost by following these steps:

    Cast 32 Wind Strikes
    Cast 91 Confuses
    Cast 131 Weaken Spells
    Cast 1,985 Curse Spells


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