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The combat triangle is how the three combat types work together. It basically boils down to this:
  • Ranged attacks are best against Magic users, but weak against Melee
  • Magic attacks are best against Melee users, but weak against Ranged
  • Melee attacks are best against Ranged users, but weak against Magic
Specific weaknesses will have a further bonus to your hit chance if you attack with these. For example, monsters with a weakness to bolts weak to bolts.gif will be hit for more often and for more if you use this weapon type over other Ranged weapons. Specific weaknesses do not come into play for PvP.


high level melee setup.png
Advantages - For those who want to get up close and homicidal, melee is the preferred option. This involves, generally, bulkier weapons and armour than the light and flimsy range and mage options. Not only does this make you look impressive, it gives the adventurer a strong advantage over Ranged attacks. Arrows and bolts will have a hard time piercing armour, allowing the melee fighter to get close enough to do serious damage.
Disadvantages - The 'but' comes when encountering mages. Well-constructed melee armour does a good job of deflecting blades and bolts, but also manages to strongly conduct Magic attacks, increasing the effects and damage caused by an opportunist magician. An experienced spellcaster can also paralyse a melee combatant with a 'holding' spell and then attack from afar. Mages are melee fighters' arch enemies, and so should be avoided.
Attack Types - Slash Slash icon, Stab Stab icon and Crush Crush icon.
Weaknesses - Air Air icon, Earth Earth icon, Fire Fire icon and Water Water icon.


high level magic setup.png
Advantages - The mage may look like an easy target, wearing what could be described as a glorified flannel, but beneath their soft exterior lies a dangerous opponent. A combination of 'holding' spells and magic's conductivity through armour makes the mage strongly anti-melee, often keeping a hand-to-hand combatant incapacitated and highly vulnerable.
Disadvantages - Soft-to-the-touch cloaks and robes make the mage a tempting target for passing rangers. With little ranged defence, this often makes the mage a walking pin-cushion - and 'holding' spells will only encourage rangers to shoot from afar.
Attack Types - Air Air icon, Earth Earth icon, Fire Fire icon and Water Water icon.
Weaknesses - Arrows Arrows icon, Bolts Bolts icon and Thrown Thrown icon.


high level ranged setup.png
Advantages - With light, articulated armour for optimum ranging, the ranger is able to substitute what his or her armour lacks in physical defence with magical resistance. This makes the ranger a strong adversary for the mage, who will find a foe that is well-defended against magical attacks while also being able to attack from long distances.
Disadvantages - To keep nimble, the ranger has sacrificed a large element of his or her armour's melee defence. A hand-to-hand combatant will be able to aim attacks at the joints and other unprotected areas with relative ease, as long as they can get close enough to do so.

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